Rebecca Shrimpton vocalist


Passion Flower: 

American Art Songs by Ives, Bolcom, Bowles, Price, Strayhorn, Ellington

Celebrating the uniquely American confluence of classical music with jazz, blues and other popular art forms.  

Rebecca Shrimpton, mezzo soprano & jazz vocalist

Herman Weiss, pianist & arranger

“...a simply exquisite vocalist.”

—Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz

"A powerful vocal performance....
Rebecca [has] a stylistic vocal range that touches on everyone from Maria Muldaur to Norma Winstone....
verything climaxes when Shrimpton, the JCA Orchestra's secret weapon, breaks into a section of fiercely dramatic improvised singing as the orchestra seethes beneath her." —Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

“Precise, flexible, and alluring, her voice raptures.”  —François Couture, All Music Guide   

“She knows how to get the pulse and tick of every word.” —Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz 

 Her voice lingers in the memory, while her rich tones endow [the music] with
a hefty significance.
—Duncan Heining, Britain’s Jazzwise magazine

Splendid…nearly perfect control and truly expressive depth.

 —Maurizio Comandini, All About Jazz Italia

"Shrimpton’s contributions...are so compelling—a rare gift.  She binds the music together with her voice.” —Lynn René Bayley, Art Music Lounge


"Red Sea," composed by Rebecca Shrimpton & Darrell Katz (words adapted from Paula Tatarunis). Darrell Katz, guitar; Alizon Lissance, piano.  From Rats Live on No Evil Star, Darrell Katz & JCA Orchestra, 2018